Welcome to Our Practice

We specialize in rheumatology, a field of medicine comprising more than 100 diseases which affect muscles, tendons, joints and their surrounding tissues. Most people associate this specialty with arthritis. Rheumatologists are experts in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and other forms of joint disease. We also specialize in immune disorder such as lupus and vasculitis. Fibromyalgia, bursitis, tendinitis and osteoporosis are other common problems we treat. Doctors in other fields often rely on rheumatologists to diagnose those mysterious aches and pains.

Our Office

Our practice was established in 1984, and relocated to Town Centre, Laguna Woods in 2009. We were incorporated as the Arthritis & Rheumatic Disease Center in 2013.

Our office features contemporary care in a comforting environment. The suite includes an infusion center and a designated area for patient training and nerve conduction testing, supervised by an experienced rheumatology nurse practitioner. Our occupational therapist helps restore quality of life by relieving pain and helping patients to improve strength, balance and flexibility. We are equipped with an ADA-compliant motorized examining table to provide ease of access for our mobility-impaired patients. Our Board-certified physician-director has over 35 years of experience practicing and teaching rheumatology, and has been recognized as an Orange County and U.S. News Top Doctor.

A unique service we provide is musculoskeletal ultrasound. This technique allows us to dynamically examine the joints, and identify swelling, inflammation and erosion. Structures not visible on x-ray such as muscles, tendons, and nerves can be viewed. Ultrasound can provide visual guidance for joint aspiration and injection, ensuring accuracy, reducing pain and improving results.

At the Arthritis & Rheumatic Disease Center, our team of professionals takes pride in offering the best in contemporary rheumatology, while keeping the “care” in health care.

Billing & Insurance

We accept Medicare assignment and all major PPO insurance plans. Please check with our office staff regarding HMO plans we accept. Please discuss your insurance coverage with us in advance. Some plans specify a co-payment, which is required at the time of service. You are responsible for any deductible or other amount not covered by your plan.

Location & Contacts

Office hours:
9AM – 12PM, 2PM – 5PM M-Th
9AM – 12PM Fr

Mailing Address:
24331 El Toro Rd., Ste. 380
Laguna Woods
CA 92637

Phone: (949) 583-0222
Fax: (949) 583-0252